Mechanical Restorations

In addition to our restorations performed on our “Clocks For Sale” we can provide service and restoration on your clock. We treat every clock as if it were our own; our goal is not only to make every clock perform reliably, but to do our repairs aesthetically. We want you to not only be pleased by your clock’s performance, but admire our workmanship as well.

We have trained in clock repair at the NAWCC School of Horology, and have been actively engaged in clock restoration and repair for several years. Every clock movement we repair or restore is marked with our initials on the backplate, signifying our commitment to your satisfaction.

Case Restorations

We can also offer you full case restoration services, including rebuilding, veneer work, turnings, and carvings. Most of the “new” woodworking outlined in our clock descriptions has been done in our woodworking shop. We can duplicate existing pieces which may have been damaged, or design and make entirely new pieces.

Metal Refinishing

As can be seen from several of our “Clocks For Sale,” we can provide professional metal refinishing on movements and cases, including polishing, bluing, and gold and silver plating.